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103A-ARxxx-ISP-PERM Machine Perception  
103A-ARxxx-MSA-EAI Artificial intelligence  
103A-ELxxx-MSP-PSYL Digital Signal Techniques Using LabView  
103A-IBxxx-ISP-ANAL2 Analysis 2  
103A-IBxxx-ISP-POMED Basics of Medical Imaging  
103A-INxxx-ISP-LTM Logic and Set Theory  
103A-INxxx-ISP-MPS Probability Methods and Statistics  
103A-INxxx-ISP-PTCY Fundamentals of Digital Technology  
103A-INxxx-ISP-ZPR Advanced C++ Programming  
103A-INxxx-MSP-MBI Methods of Bioinformatics  
103A-INxxx-MSP-WEDT Introduction to Text Data Exploration in WWW web  
103A-TLTIC-MSP-CPU Digital User Profile  
103B-CTxxx-ISA-ECONE Computer Networks  
103B-CTxxx-ISA-EDISP Digital Signal Processing  
103B-INxxx-ISP-POEL Basics of Electronics  
103B-INxxx-ISP-PRI Fundamentals of Programming  
103B-TLRTM-ISP-LCPS Digital Signal Processing Laboratory  
103B-xxxxx-MSP-MSI Artifficial Inteligence Methods  
103C-ELEIM-MSP-TRM Magnetic Resonance Imaging  
103D-TExxx-ISP-TOB Circuits Theory  
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